Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus + Crack (x86x64)

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus + Crack (x86x64)

>The 1st on Net – Microsoft Office 2016 Professional 16 + Crack Direct Download Link (32-64bit) By SoftASM


Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus v16.0.4229.1002 Preview [32-64bit] Final Release is an entirely new Office suite for Windows and Mac computers. Contains all the major components needed both to create documents and presentations or spreadsheets. Talking of course about applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook.

>‌Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Key Features:

This is a Microsoft Office 2016 Professional direct download offered by since we know that the majority of other cracked software sharing sites are fake, we focus on giving you high quality download links for large files. Users who have Office account will have access to all of your documents from any device through integration with OneDrive and SharePoint. As the software is available in the development version, you must reckon with errors. The final version will be released in mid-2015.

In this package you will download Microsoft Office 2016 Professional x64 and x86 installation setup and the most known MS Office activator “KMSAUTO LITE Portable” as well as “Office 2016 online_Install_multi_v2.8” for Office 2016 Pro Multi-language full version. Generally, Office 2016 Pro direct ISO Download comes with a refreshed interface this time and includes new icons or the Ribbon that allows you to efficiently use all the features. Graphic design has been developed in such a way as to how best with displays such as Retina Display.

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Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Installation Instructions:

Open [Office Pro Plus 2016 v16 (x86x64) SETUP.ISO]
Install the software by clicking on Setup file.
Do not open the program and completely close it.
Open KMSAuto Lite (CRACK) folder, and use KMSAuto to activate Office 2016.
That’s all. Enjoy this full final release!


Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus + Crack (x86x64)

Title : Office 2016 Professional Plus
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Shared on: July 11th, 2015
Category: PDF/Document
System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012


  • genaro

    No mames, no esta en español sino en ingles y pa los compadres de peña no van a saber ni que onda guey!

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    didn’t work,couldn’t crack

  • Smart Balaji

    what is the rar pswd

  • Smart Balaji

    k thanks i knew the pswd

    • Akshay Singh

      wats the password?

      • @disqus_w04p33RAeY:disqus

        RAR Password:

        • Mercurio Osterman

          I tried that password, and it didn’t work. I have tried it repeatedly. Why does there need to be a password in the first place? Has the password changed?

  • Collins Koranteng

    I need a product key Microsoft office 2016 pro

    • Collins Koranteng
      MS Office 2016 Key Working For Activation.

      MS Office 2016 Key Standard :






      Office Pro Plus 2016 key:




      MS Office 2016 Key Visio Premium :


      MS Office 2016 Keys Project Professional:


      • doris

        none working plizz help

      • Jigar Patel

        This Key for Project and visio not working.

        • usman

          do you have any solution for visio and project … because every time KMS failed to register these 2. All other working fine.

  • Gian Zap

    ciao,e anche in versione italiano?

  • Antoine

    Is there a mac version ?

  • help the activtor is all russian i cant read anything

    • nuderider

      yes i got the same problem – i can’t read russian! please, what’s the solution?

    • @chenkual13gmailcom:disqus MS Office 2016

      MS Office 2016 Key Standard:



      Office Pro Plus 2016 (Volume) key:


      MS Office 2016 Key Visio Premium :


      MS Office 2016 Keys Project Professional:

      • ViVek SinGh

        thanx mate

  • camar putih

    Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus + Crack (x86x64) please

  • Roy

    Why the Product Key in Pro Plus not working?

  • cs

    Can i have the password pls?

  • khaled mozumder

    Please, give me the rar password for office 2016

    • @khaledmozumder:disqus Password:

  • doris

    someone help me with ms office 2016 product key please

    • Jason

      If u want to get full version of download link and geniuses key , u could try mskeyoffer(doc)com, where you could get affordable key conveniently .

  • Zaibi

    Hy anyone give me Password for office 2016 pro plus. Please……..

  • Kyle Marks

    How to use crack?

  • Daniel Shemtov

    It does’nt instal. I press ‘Install office’ and it doesn’t start.

  • Jigar Patel

    Key For Project and Visio not working

  • Anyone having trouble activating Office 2016, please download this perfect crack tool here:

  • Dear bro, your site is totally different from the others. I think one day softasm will be the greatest site in the world. I wonder how you are providing direct download on a popular site like this. Would you tell me pls which hosting provider or package are you using? Thanks

    • @mithunsarker:disqus Thank you for your positive feedback. We are using our own servers backed up with CDN to give users the best and fast downloads.

  • FAHD


    Thanks a lot

  • FAHD

    word in 2016 opens in (read-only) mode
    any help??

  • zahra

    not working. it says after i clicked at 016setup: ”Please make sure the office installation disk is inserted.” what??

  • regan

    FIREND please send rar passwod

    • @disqus_sGddJF4VuG:disqus Password is written above and also in comments.

  • Ahmed Luqman

    I’ve installed “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016” on my Windows 10 PC successfully. Everything is good except the “search” within outlook which was working well in Outlook 2013 (I desperately need the search option). It just says always “We couldn’t find what you were looking for”. Help me solve this issue.

    • Ahmed Luqman solution 1 – To make it work. Go to the search tools, indexing
      options, advanced, and uncheck Microsoft Outlook. Seems to do the
      trick for now.
      solution 2 – You may need to recreate your Outlook profile, could be indexing issue.

  • In Soviet Russia, Microsoft Office cracks you.

  • Hiren

    It does not install. I press ‘Install Office’ and it doesn’t start.

    • @disqus_OHK64R7ESg:disqus Run the installer as administrator. If not working, then it might be a problem with your operating system.

  • Password

    • vijay bhatt

      sorry but password is not working

  • Bint

    Can you give a link for a zip file, not a .RAR file please

  • Will Smith

    Perfect software for college success

    Beginning on your first day in college, Microsoft Home Office Student Edition will become your most important factor for academic success. No matter what subject you are taking as an MIS undergraduate, Office has a program that will provide quality, duration, and compatibility. These will work together towards helping you to overcome any difficult assignment.

    Great Product Quality

    As an MIS undergraduate, your academic performance will be linked to software quality. Microsoft Office University subscriptions include all standard applications to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. View the photograph below for a depiction of benefits each product is capable of offering to you. This group of programs have become recognized as the primary choice of consumers such as yourself for over ten years. Many competitors have worked to create alternative options for MIS students. Despite this, all of them do not compare to the real product in terms of boosting your grades.

    Sufficient Time Duration

    Your academic career will last four years which works perfectly with Office University. Your subscription will stay valid for four years. If your license expires, access to Office software and additional features will cease to continue until renewed. Refer to Microsoft Office’s licensing agreement prior to finalizing your download for greater detail on particulars. By accessing your Microsoft Office account panel, you’ll be able to review installation information and make alterations to existing licenses. Your four year subscription will prove to be perfect for the years that you will spend as an undergraduate.

    Diverse Compatibility

    You will appreciate having product choices in today’s diverse marketplace. If you have two computers, Microsoft University subscriptions are capable of being installed on both. This software is able to work on either your Mac or PC operating system. Prior to doing this, you’ll need to prove that you are actually a college student in order to be granted access. You’ll never have to worry about incompatibility with your current technology which makes more time for schoolwork.

    Recap of Product Benefits

    Using Microsoft Office University Edition as a great software program to advance in your career as a MIS student is the best decision that you could make. By becoming a user today, you’ll have all seven of its’ components. On top of this, there are features such as quality, duration, and compatibility that exist purely to aid you in achieving the best grade point average possible.

  • disqus_5qHFAZm0gv

    To activate the office, it’s asking to enter email or phone number associated with office subscription. Any help??

  • Unknown D

    Is this anti-virus protected

    • @sony_chen1233:disqus This is office not Windows OS

  • brother pleas help because the file is empty after helping me you can delete my comment

    • @mohamadshami:disqus Yes, we remove comments with no sense with the file. The file is not empty, it’s 2.5 GB. If you couldn’t download it, then get it here [Direct Download Link] from above

  • X Code Wan

    please i tried installing but i was ask to enter password

  • shubham

    error with the password in extracting the zip file ms office 2016 plzzz help

    • @disqus_B8aBtsbwrD:disqus Do not copy white space, write only the characters.

      • vijay bhatt

        what is the password i didnt get it

  • Unknown D

    How do i find the unlocker for the full version to Office 2016?
    @@softasm:disqus Ok, i know now!!

  • shubham

    still the same error plzz fix it

    • @disqus_B8aBtsbwrD:disqus Download from the link that is showing file size.

  • Daniel

    The KMS isn’t working, failed to activate. It says that it is done activating but when i open a microsoft program it is still indicated there that it isnt activated yet.

  • Rjt Asj

    Your file is corrupt not working

  • Billy Ooi

    Why the activation indicates license will expire in 6 months?

  • George Otieno

    I tried installing it in windows 2010 but the installation says “Sorry we run into a problem. Go online for additional help. Error code: 30174-4 (1392)”. How do I solve this?

  • Lee Kit

    help , i cant download , can i download office 2016 from other site, then use the crack?

    • @lee_kit:disqus Yes you can, but first try to download again from our site, it should work.

  • zack


    • @zcarpy:disqus It’s US EN

      • zack

        thnx bro!

  • nav

    i cant extract the files system shows diagonastics message

  • vijay bhatt

    the password u mentioned is not working its breaking

  • Peter

    M8, it goes straight to This page can’t be displayed !!! what’s up with that send a link that work’s dude…

  • Omairkhan

    I have downloaded the office and KMSLite Crack plus KMSpico. Office installed perfectly but while try to install the crack it show an error “The installer was interrupted before application could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again”.
    Please help.

    • @disqus_ssKofPNxiH:disqus Hello, you must close Office software before using the crack. Close it completely and kill processes from task manager.

      • Omairkhan

        Dear Moderator,

        Thanks for the reply. Do I also suppose to stop the anti virus before running the crack installer? Also please be informed that I am using Windows 10 operating system.

        Please reply.

        • Hello. Yes you might need to stop the antivirus to run the crack. The crack is false positive.

          • Omairkhan

            HI Moderator,

            I had done all the steps which you had mentioned in your e-mail. What it done was that it download and run the KMSPico. After completion it open a page in Internet Explorer for downloading Windows and Office activator. But when I opened the Office it again asked for the product key.

            Please keep in mind that I had run the KMSPico after killing the Office processes via Task Manager and stopping my anti virus.

            Please advice.

            Omair khan

          • José Cencic

            I had the same problem, following the same steps.

  • bizzy

    I have downloaded the files and nothing is happening…

    • Hello. Extract the files with WinRAR to get the installer. Keep visiting softasm

  • Bryan

    what is a KMSAuto Lite (CRACK) folder?

  • Rusty Tanioan

    any help with this? 🙁

    • Charles Internet

      @softasm:disqus , could you help? I thought it will be direct link? But, the file is hosted o pCloud, where all of us encountered this same problem shown at above screenshot.

  • krush

    hello dear softasm team…I am trying to install office package but it hangs at 90% and not proceeding further.but the strange thing is that most of its services like word excel powerpoint still running even if the installtion was unsuccessful… and also why do i need to activate this product bcz I can access word excel and powerpoint without a key I mean I can open these services..Is there anyway you can help me to complete the installation to 100%…

  • Abayomi

    The programme fails to install. It says ” we’re sorry, we had a problem installing your office program(s). Is your Internet connection working? Do you have enough free space on your main hard drive?
    Please try installing again after you’ve checked the above.
    Error Code 0-1012 (0)

  • Mark Lawrence Payot

    Please fix this link
    And thank you…

  • MS Office 2016 Key Standard:



    Office Pro Plus 2016 (Volume) key:


    MS Office 2016 Key Visio Premium :


    MS Office 2016 Keys Project Professional:

    Enjoy from Softasm!

  • Renektonkun

    Is it meant to only install the crack?

  • Renektonkun

    There’s random russian websites popping up after downloading the crack. Is this normal?

  • rajkumar

    Which is the best cracker for office 2016 ?
    Antivirus delete the crack after use it ?

    • @disqus_2XRiltQspw:disqus Hi. Disable the antivirus, and use the crack for activation then remove it.

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    i cant download it when i try to download it shows item not avialable plz help me

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    Thnx, ur direct download link is working

  • Faustin HARERIMANA
  • pavan

    Is this offline installation

  • Mag

    Hi, I just installed Office 2016 and performed all the steps accordingly. Ran KMSAutoLite and it shows as completed, but unfortunately my Office 2016 isn’t activated. It is prompting for activation key. Please assist on how to proceed further.

  • jack

    working 100%. Every software downloaded here is working fine..Thanks softasm!

  • Web Creativities

    Hello, I am Unable to download Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus + Crack (x86x64) please help

  • amy

    is the link broken? i cant download the file.

  • usman

    do you have any solution for visio and project … because every time KMS failed to register these 2. All other working fine.vvv

  • adz

    hi admin, can i give(distribute) this software for free?

  • Greg

    simple and AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  • Andrew Splin

    Doesn’t work. I crack it then works for few hours, after that stops working. Tried all possible fixes and still didn’t work

  • ShinobiShazam

    Can someone help me with Project? It is the only application that says I need a license. I used the key YG9NW-3K39V-2T3HJ-93F3Q-G83KT but it still did not work. Anyone know how to fix this? Also it says in KMSpico under status info that the volume activation expiration is 180 days despite it saying “Genuine Activated”, what exactly does that mean?

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